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KOSHIBA Soaps designed for sensitive skin using the precious Shiroyama Clay!

Helping persons with sensitive skins to regain their confidences.
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Manufacturer, Exporter and Trader of Koshiba Clay Moisturizing Soap, Koshiba Clay Organic Soap and Koshiba Clay Soap Etc.


Nature & Clay Co., Ltd.

Our company planted roots as a soap manufacturer, exporter and trader way back in 1989 with the mission to boost the confidence of people with sensitive skin. We know that sensitive skinned people often face endless problems, from inflammation, rashes, hyper-pigmentation to lackluster skin. Nature & Clay Co., Ltd., with its range of KOSHIBA Soap has today helped millions around the world regain confidence by gifting them healthy skin that radiates from within. We make use of special KOSHIBA clay to make our soaps that have no artificial stabilizers, antiseptics, or other synthetic fillers and fragrances. Rocks sourced and mined from the mountains of Japan that have many skin friendly particles are processed and refined using state of the art technology.


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There are many high-end soap making companies around the world. However, it is not always that you come across a company that know incredible natural soap making recipes. We are one among them offering completely organic, chemical free soaps, especially for people with sensitive skin.

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The cornerstone of our success is quality. It is a part of our daily regimen, a heritage that we have preserved since decades. Keeping our quality standards in mind, we give careful thought to what we use in our soaps. Not just this, we take measures to evaluate quality of each bar and use
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Our Collection of Koshiba Clay Organic Soap and Koshiba Clay Moisturizing Soap
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